May 28 2015

Private Schools in the UK ‘Too Expensive’ Says Eton Headmaster

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The headmaster of Eton College, one of the most renowned colleges in the UK says that the best independent, private schools in the UK are too expensive for middle-class families.

Tony Little, the head at Eton thinks that fees at the leading British private schools that can exceed £30,000 per year put them out of reach for many middle-class parents.

According to recently released numbers from the Independent Schools Council, the fees at British boarding schools again increased above the rate of inflation. Compared to last year, fees went up by 3.6% on average.

Eton’s headmaster voiced his concerns in a speech at the Boarding Schools’ Association Conference: ““If you’re talking about this phrase ‘the squeezed middle’ not being able to afford those schools, that is a concern to a lot of people.”

While Eton College is one of those private schools in the UK that can offer fee assistance to some students, this is not the case with many other independent schools in Great Britain.

The fees for renowned independent schools, among them Eton, Winchester or Harrow are more than £35,000 per year.

Those fees are covering costs for facilities and pastoral care according to the headmaster. Mr Little pointed out that there are alternative for those families who struggle to meet those costs.

The Kingshottschool is one of those private schools Hertfordshire that families should consider.

May 28 2015

Cool Furniture Ideas For Your Summer Home

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Some of you might be like me and enjoy visiting famous golf courses either here in the UK or abroad. If you’re very lucky, you might even have a cozy summer residence in one of those beautiful locations.

Since my family not only loves golf but is also very much into all kinds of water sports such as sailing and diving, we wanted to furnish our home accordingly. What we wanted is to style the entire residence in a maritime “ocean theme”.

Obviously, “off-the-mill” furniture won’t do if you want to give your home a certain style. So we were looking for all kinds of ideas and designs to see what would be most fitting. This was when we came across the fabulous driftwood furniture by Karen which we think will be perfect for our summer residence!


A Stunning Driftwood Desk

What I like about driftwood furniture is that it is all natural, like untreated wood or other materials but then it is also incredibly classy and stylish.

Since those furniture pieces are hand-made, each single one is entirely unique. You can bet that the new table we just got is a eye-catcher!

Everyone in our family loves it and so do our guests! We found those awesome pieces at Karen’s site at

Mandy just told me that she liked our table that much that she’s now also getting a custom made driftwood table and maybe the one or the driftwood art piece as well!

I am sure you will agree that those pieces are fantastic!