Mar 27 2017

Fun with The Secret Singer’s Singing Waiters

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The Singing Waiters by the U.K.’s Secret Singers are probably the most popular surprise entertainment acts in the United Kingdom today. Their repertoire of first-class musical entertainment ranges from the classic singing waiters entertainment routine for all types of festivities to flash mob performances and now also their presence on numerous cruise ships in the UK.

Hailed as one of the best surprise entertainment acts in the UK today, the Secret Singers can look back at a very successful  story.

What made the Secret Singers one of the best surprise entertainment acts in UK today? Easy: The unmatched quality of their performances because of their professional training, the wide range of musical styles they offer and the fact that the Secret Singers are simply fun!

May 28 2015

Private Schools in the UK ‘Too Expensive’ Says Eton Headmaster

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The headmaster of Eton College, one of the most renowned colleges in the UK says that the best independent, private schools in the UK are too expensive for middle-class families.

Tony Little, the head at Eton thinks that fees at the leading British private schools that can exceed £30,000 per year put them out of reach for many middle-class parents.

According to recently released numbers from the Independent Schools Council, the fees at British boarding schools again increased above the rate of inflation. Compared to last year, fees went up by 3.6% on average.

Eton’s headmaster voiced his concerns in a speech at the Boarding Schools’ Association Conference: ““If you’re talking about this phrase ‘the squeezed middle’ not being able to afford those schools, that is a concern to a lot of people.”

While Eton College is one of those private schools in the UK that can offer fee assistance to some students, this is not the case with many other independent schools in Great Britain.

The fees for renowned independent schools, among them Eton, Winchester or Harrow are more than £35,000 per year.

Those fees are covering costs for facilities and pastoral care according to the headmaster. Mr Little pointed out that there are alternative for those families who struggle to meet those costs.

The Kingshottschool is one of those private schools Hertfordshire that families should consider.

May 28 2015

Cool Furniture Ideas For Your Summer Home

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Some of you might be like me and enjoy visiting famous golf courses either here in the UK or abroad. If you’re very lucky, you might even have a cozy summer residence in one of those beautiful locations.

Since my family not only loves golf but is also very much into all kinds of water sports such as sailing and diving, we wanted to furnish our home accordingly. What we wanted is to style the entire residence in a maritime “ocean theme”.

Obviously, “off-the-mill” furniture won’t do if you want to give your home a certain style. So we were looking for all kinds of ideas and designs to see what would be most fitting. This was when we came across the fabulous driftwood furniture by Karen which we think will be perfect for our summer residence!


A Stunning Driftwood Desk

What I like about driftwood furniture is that it is all natural, like untreated wood or other materials but then it is also incredibly classy and stylish.

Since those furniture pieces are hand-made, each single one is entirely unique. You can bet that the new table we just got is a eye-catcher!

Everyone in our family loves it and so do our guests! We found those awesome pieces at Karen’s site at

Mandy just told me that she liked our table that much that she’s now also getting a custom made driftwood table and maybe the one or the driftwood art piece as well!

I am sure you will agree that those pieces are fantastic!

Nov 24 2014

Sports Direct Budget Gyms: What Do You Think?

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Gyms in the UKIn case you didn’t hear about this already, Sports Direct is about to open what they call a “budget gym” chain here in the United Kingdom. The latest news is that they want to open several hundreds of low-cost gyms here where the membership will only be a few British pounds per month.

My worries here is that people who want to do something for their health and fitness won’t get too much out from joining such a low budget gym.

I mean, what service would you get in return for your five pounds monthly fee? Chances are you will get your membership card and you will be allowed to enter the gym whenever they are open. But what about those other important things such as having access to personal trainers or getting helpful advice on recommended exercise routines and equipment?

We can safely assume that five bucks per month won’t include those essential things. This type of budget gym can easily lead to many people going there without a clue and without a plan, using the wrong equipment or being in the gym not knowing what to do altogether! From that point of view even only five British pounds per month would be  a waste of money and of course a waste of time when you want to do something for your fitness.

I always tell those who ask me that they should really do some research before they join a gym and only pick these gyms where they know they can also get a personal trainer if the want so. There is a good number of quality gyms today which not only offer access to various equipment but where they also offer a range of classes and courses. This can be things such as karate or judo classes but also special classes for weight loss and so forth. In fact, I think participating in such classes can be a much better thing to do as compared to only visiting the gym. There is no doubt about it,  you should never make compromises when you pick a gym!  Choose a good gym such as the London Fields chain of gyms that offers courses such as Pilates Hackney and not a “low budget gym” where you don’t get anything in return!

Jun 18 2014

Donald Trump To Give His Name To Turnberry Golf Course

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Flamboyant Donald Trump just confirmed that he purchased the one of Scotland’s most famous golf courses, Turnberry golf course in Ayrshire. According to an article at The Telegraph he will name the golf course after himself: Trump Turnberry.

The American property tycoon also announced he will be spending £100 million that will go towards renovating the famous resort’s hotel.

Mr Trump said in a public statement that he’ll be providing more details about the site in July when he’s coming to Scotland for a visit.

He was quoted saying: “I am honoured to own and manage this magnificent property, perhaps the most exciting property there is. We will be spending a great deal of time, effort and money to make Trump Turnberry the finest golf course there is”.

Mr Trump’s also plans another golf course as well as a hotel and a club house at the Menie estate, north of Aberdeen. As of this date, Mr Trump owns17 golf resorts all over the world.